Sawn timber –spruce for every conceivable requirement

In the Schwörer sawmill with its annual log conversion capacity of around 300,000 cubic metres, a wide selection of sawn timber of different dimensions and qualities is produced on a large-diameter timber line encompassing highly flexible chipper and circular saw technology (annual capacity of 75,000 cbm per shift) and a small-diameter timber line (annual capacity of 100,000 cbm per shift).

Secondary products: Coarse chips for the paper and pulp industry, thermal recycling. Chips for the derived timber product industry and pellet manufacture.

An overview of the cut timber range:

  • Quartered logs
  • Square-sawn timber
  • Battens
  • Glued laminated beams
  • Raw solid structural timber
  • Boards
  • Laths
  • Strength graded timbers

Also technically dried, planed and impregnated.